A 'Pressing' Issue

We work with village artisans, using the best traditional techniques, combined with modern production methods to produce premium quality virgin coconut oil. Our oil is a 'single origin' oil, handmade from wild harvest coconuts in the Fiji Islands. We use cold pressing techniques, designed specifically for small scale production in rural settings, which enables us to produce virgin coconut oil in small, hand-pressed batches, within 1-2 hours of the coconut being split open, ensuring all the natural goodness and integrity of the coconut is retained.

Our virgin coconut oil, complies with all APCC (Asia Pacific Coconut Community) ‘virgin’ standards.  Our oil is 100% pure and natural, and produced in accordance with APCC (Asia Pacific Coconut Community) 'virgin'standards, from non GMO coconuts, we do not use any artificial additives, bleaching agents, solvents or other chemicals in our production process.


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